The drive to innovate is the one thing all HealthCare Futurists share. Innovation is key in providing sustainable success of a brand or a company. It is hard to understand why on the other hand innovation departments are shunned often times. It might be the perception that at the moment these organizational parts do not contribute to top line results. This is one way to look at future failure. In an organization that is comprised of mercenaries that have a visual range covering just the next three months this might make sense for the individual but proves to be hazardous for the overall organization. Innovative people, outliers or originals as they are often referred to are an important ingredient to the whole menue a compay has to cater to its customers. We are here to support these companies and colleagues on behalf of the future customers. Those that buy goods or services and those that invest into stocks.


In Algorithmo Diagnostics Group (Big Data in HealthCare)

In-Algorithmo-Diagnostics is the missing link between in-vivo-Diagnostics and in-vitro-Diagnostics. It brings together both worlds and enriches them by the realm of Big Data Driven Health-Care. At the HealthCare Futurists we firmly believe that the not so distant future will see intelligent algorithms supporting physicians in their every-day practice far more than already seen today. We will have predictive computing at our fingertips because no single person is already able to have absorbed all knowledge available. In-Algorithmo-Diagnostics is a tool we are working on to make the world safer for patients and physicians alike. It will put freedom of information at the patient's disposal and calculate risks and therapeutic approaches. The concept of computer-generated-biomarkers to detect medical conditions and to predict risk factors will become mainstream. The in-Algorithmo-Diagnostics Group is a workstream within the HealthCare Futurists Think Tank. We are open to any inquiries you might have. (international HealthCare Hackathons) is our successfull hackathon formate that we have shown to work properly and deliver results beyond the expected basis. For more information please consider the event page:


Market Access for Pharmaceuticals and Med Tech Products

Market Access equals Market Success. If you get your primary studies right, Market Access can be a walk in the park but if you don't it is destined to be a cumbersom event. We consider market access to be the logic conjunction between research and development and innovation marketing. No innovation will be publically reimbursed in the leading health-care markets globally with out a serious market access program that entails HTA processes and pricing negotiations or restrictions on volumes. We have seasoned experts in our ranks with years of expertise in market access on their shoulders to be senior sparring partners as how to bring you product to the market and what strategy to chose. Ideally these thougths are gathered already upon launching the ideation process in a certain direction. Market Access thus to our understanding is not a department, it is an attitude. We will be able to operatively, tactically and strategically support your product launch, your innovation boarding into the European health-care systems regardless if you look at a novelty pharmaceutical compound or a med tech device that you are not sure how to bring into the market. If you are currently facing one of these issues, please feel free to take the opportunity and contact us. Together we will find a solution.