Inspiration is the ultimate fuel for innovation. It is just like the air that you breathe. As operative experts in innovation, we work with leading healthcare companies on ideation processescand inspirational events. Bringing in new and unbiased perspectives is part of our multidisciplinary approach that will challenge the way you have been looking at things.


Healthcare Think-Tank in Disruptive Innovation

The HealthCare Futurists is an international and independent think-tank in disruptive innovation in health-care, life sciences and medicine. The HCFs consist of renowned experts and thriving professionals of diverse disciplines with a persistent passion for patients.

The HCFs have successfully completed innovation labs with major health-care industry companies and health-care providers alike. They provide guidance to startups and are engaged in medical enlightenment to the public.

Multidimensional Design Thinking in HealthCare Innovation

Today's complex problems can not be solved to satisfaction by the answers that were formulated more than a century ago and that eventually created these challenges. As well-rounded specialists we bring in-depth of knowedge to the table in health-care, medicine and life-sciences as well as strong vision and big-pictrue view of where the market is currently at and what kind of development we will see in the future. As futurists we work hard not to be overtaken by the fast moving present, what would eventually make us historians.