Innovation does not work without leadership and leadership does not make sense without innovation. To understand this reliativity is utmost important for creating successful products and services and a working environment that thrives with new ideas and inspirational people. Our approach is a "leading for value" one. Value drives sense and sense drives satisfaction with what you are spending your time on. If the vision of a company is mirrored in sense-making and satisfaction, innovation will follow on the heel.


Academic Lecturing in Leadership and Innovation in health-care (MA, MSc Programs)

We have a number of affiliations with leading universities. Members of the HealthCare Futurists network are sought after speakers in executive programs for C-level suits as well as on-faculty lecturers in bachelor and master programs ranging from health-economics to innovation management and leadership strategy. Some of our partners have even started to adopt and integrate teaching methodologies developed in HealthCare Futurists programs. Especially the format is currently put to the test in a master program on innovation at a leading international university. Our academic aspiration does not stop there: We are supporting in publications on the topic of patient empowerment, strategic health-care innovation and Big Data Driven Health-Care and initate projects with academic partners where together we apply for funds to carry out research projects such as 3D printing of medicines. The prevalent asset in working with us in an academic environment is that we consider this our home turf where we started from and in this we can bring back the lessons learned in the industry and business world to encourage student and academic entrepreneurs to push the evelope further.


Strategic Management of HealthCare Business in Disruptive Times

Disruption is a term frequently used and thus almost abused. Nonetheless the times they are a-changing and the velocity of change seems to pick up constantly. The question for business development and new licensing is often times, where to put your attention and your money and what to focus on while being shouted at from everywhere. We can help sorting things out and navigating with you through these stormy and almost always uncharted seas. Years of experience and diversity of thought is what we bring to the table to help you pick up speed and have your business prosper.