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Traction for your transformation. With our tools, you benefit from the experience of the digital pioneers. As an innovation consultancy, we accompany you along the entire value chain.

How to pitch correctly!

We train the tools that make digital leaders (and start-ups) successful. Being fast, flexible, agile and landing results in a 2-minute pitch. But above all: Leadership is nothing without empowerment – and business goals must inspire.

What we offer you

Lab in Line

The best lab is not a project, but a factory line – an idea factory that create outputs even after 12, 24, 36 months. We help to build, control, match, motivate, and remove impediments.

What we offer you

Health Care Tomorrowland

If you want to create business, you have to look ahead. In our keynotes and team trainings, we build the Health Care Tomorrowland for you to show your potential future and illustrate the challenges and opportunities.

What we offer you

Built, Measure, Learn

We know a lot about innovation processes. We help you go beyond design thinking and grasp the principles of design making. The result is – always – a prototype that clients can test, feedback and develop.

What we offer you

Start-up-  petting zoo

Many just talk the talk, without walking the walk. Contrastingly, we actually show you the digital future, have the start-ups and technologies in our luggage, and present a new world of prototypes. This allows you to be hands on in trying out and further developing the future innovations of the healthcare sector.

What we offer you

Strategic Narrative

In our approach, communication is a crucial parameter for effectiveness. We help to translate your strategic repositioning, your transformation concept into a narrative that your stakeholders can feel. What is needed is an overarching story that stands out while being credibly anchored and definable.

What we offer you